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Hi, my names Maria and this is my photography blog. All the pictures on here are mine and please do not steal them or post them on other sites! ♥
I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time - Whinnie The Pooh ♥
I am so sorry!

Guys I am extremely sorry for taking a 8294357389 year break!

I promise I am back now & will be posting pictures every week :)

Message me, let’s talk! <3

Spring Outfit Idea&#8217;s #1 by canon-united featuring bead jewelryTopshop cotton shirt / Jane Norman highwaist shorts, $42 / Lacing shoes / Bead jewelry, $120 / 2 finger ring, $18
noone cares. :(
there&#8217;s nothing like you &amp; me&#8230;
because i know i do&#8230;
idk, it was only $3 ok.
my &#8216;keep calm and carry on&#8217; journal
can i be skinny plz?
I FINALLY took some decent pictures!

Just going to watermark them, then post them!

I love you guys <3

I’m sorry i’m not posting anything recently :(

I will post a lot in 2013 but right now, I’m really busy! I LOVE YOU GUYS THOUGH <3

nvm the video went horrible


Anonymous: you should do a styling video!

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll see if I can do that! :)

I’m probably going to post a bunch of pictures tomorrow.

But I need some ideas, like what kind of pictures should I take? You should message me, or leave me a reply, or tweet me! My Twitter is @mariaspasojevic

Or if you want me to do videos, you should also tell me that.


Styling videos?

What’s on my Iphone?


Anything you would like to see, message me or tweet me! :)

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